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NorthernSky properties builders in Mangalore

Mr. Dheeraj Amin, The Managing Director of Northernsky Properties Pvt Ltd, is a man of few words, who has used his perceptive powers to craft a vision and aims to bring about a revolution in Mangalore`s prime real estate through his innovative practices. Mr. Dheeraj Amin has put forth his strong traits like hard-work, appetite for risk, integrity, competitiveness, growth-oriented mindset, charisma and resourcefulness backed by his vast wealth of experience for 15 years in the field of construction to build a strong foundation for Northernsky Properties Pvt. Ltd, ensuring it achieves its mission in the establishment of classy and up market housing projects in Dakshina Kannada.

With 10 successful projects to his name, Mr. Dheeraj Amin has brought Northernsky Properties to the forefront and a fortified position only to be recognized as one of the top Construction firms in Mangalore. He walks along the lines where high risks yield high rewards. It is his charismatic attitude which attracts people to connect with his passion, energy and vision for the future, be it partners, investors’ employees or customers. With an international network, a world class team led by the man himself and innovative practices he has propelled Northernsky Properties Pvt. Ltd to become a company of repute.

His work has always spoken for him which led him to be one the first few people to introduce MIVAN technology in Mangalore, wherein one can cast a whole slab with beams and columns at the same time to make the unit a composite structure. He goes way beyond his work to put his heart and mind into his passion to bring the much needed technology with innovation and put forth the best to his clientele.

Mr. Dheeraj Amin also enjoys a healthy lifestyle by practicing Yoga regularly which not only portrays his discipline and calm demeanor, but also reflects in his work, encouraging those around him to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making fitness an important part of his projects.