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Green buildings or green construction refers to the eco friendly buildings those whose structures are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. This includes all aspects of a building’s life-cycle: from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation right through to demolition. This requires close cooperation of the design team, architects, engineers and the client at all project stages. Green Building practices complement and expand on classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.:

New technologies are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures. The common objective of all these varied practices is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural surroundings. This is achieved by:

  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
  • Protecting occupant health
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Structural design efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality enhancement
  • Higher resale value
  • Lower maintenance cost

Yes, like any built-up area that is in sync with its environment, NorthernSky City gives you the advantages of:

  • improved indoor air quality
  • low voc paints for chemical free living
  • greener surroundings for fresher and healthier air quality (Suitable plants as required by the location)
  • improvement in natural ventilation
  • reduction in heat ingress
  • cooler living space

Yes, by buying your home at NorthernSky City, you are buying into the green way of living. Our amenities help you in living an eco-friendly life, by:

  • using water wisely (Recycling water, Rainwater-harvesting, using lesser quantity for maintenance & cleaning, reducing unnecessary wastage of water)
  • using electricity sensibly (Energy-efficient Lighting Posts, energy-saving Lighting Fixtures at homes and in common areas, Energy-efficient generators and star-rated electrical equipment).
  • Yes, a greener lifestyle works by reducing your consumption of essential facilities  your bills automatically get reduced as well.
    • 100% recycled water is used for landscaping (gardening purposes).
    • By harvesting rainwater, dependency on external water is reduced.
    • Water Metering drastically lowers wastage of water.
    • Enhanced day lighting in all the regularly occupied areas of flats so less electrical light is needed.
    • Efficient common area lighting for reduced maintenance cost.
    • Energy efficient lighting fixtures reduce electricity bills.
    • Lesser dependency on external electricity usage.
    • Energy efficient and environmental friendly gen-sets used for backup power.

Yes. Studies on investments and resale value of the commercial real estate market have found that LEED and Energy Star certified buildings (in USA) achieve significantly higher rent, sale prices and occupancy rates. They also scored lower capitalization rates potentially reflecting lower investment risk and enhanced marketability.