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NorthernSky properties builders in Mangalore

Mr. Dheeraj Amin, The Managing Director of NorthenSky Properties Pvt Ltd, is the man to watch out for as far as the revolution of Mangalore’s prime real estate is concerned. An astute businessman, Mr. Dheeraj Amin’s vast wealth of experience for more than 15 years in the field of construction has provided a solid background in ensuring that NorthernSky Properties achieves its mission in the establishment of classy and up market housing projects in Dakshina Kannada.

From inception, Mr. Dheeraj Amin has always been strategically aligned with excellence, as illustrated in his 10 Successful projects till date; notably recognized as one of the top Construction firms in Mangalore. With an international network and innovative practices his objective of propelling NorthernSky Properties into a 21st century property development company of repute has become a reality.

Talking about innovation, Mr. Dheeraj Amin is one of the first person to introduce MIVAN technology in Mangalore by which one can cast whole slab, beam, column at one go making the unit a composite structure. He works round the clock and sometimes even burning the midnight oil to brainstorm and bring about much needed technology with innovation into the system.

Apart from working hard Mr. Dheeraj Amin also enjoys a healthy life style. He is a fitness freak and never misses out on his daily Yoga sessions. On the whole one can easily call him a man who leads by example.